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Cheaper than Roses

Cheaper than Roses

CHEAPER THAN ROSES is set in 1996 and tells the story of Betty Fourie, a coloured woman, who had herself reclassified as white, during the Apartheid years. The reclassification issue, still remains a subject shrouded in mystery. It is definitely not a political story, merely a tale of how all South Africans struggle to find their place in our multi-faceted society.

This unusual solo piece was written twenty years ago by NAF director Ismail Mahomed for multi award winning actress Lizz Meiring. Due to work commitments on the part of Meiring and Mahomed, it could not be performed at that time. But both agree, waiting twenty years to do the production, was fortuitous.

Mahomed’s play was published in the USA, and received a host of accolades.

CHEAPER THAN ROSES has proven to delight , entertain and deeply touch all who have seen it. The famed Zane Meas directs, and this production is produced by Kosie House of Theatre.

Coenie de Villiers created special music. Set and lighting design is by Kosie Smit.

This production is supported by the SOF & NAF.


Lizz Meiring brings Betty’s story to life with the same sensitivity and care with which it was written. Betty is unashamedly honest, charming and funny and the audience is immediately endeared to her. “ ARTSLINK

Betty se verlies aan familie, vriende en aan konteks is verby hartroerend - die versugtinge eg menslik. Die gehoor het soos een mens opgestaan om Meiring en Mahomed toe te juig. Toneel wat jou verplaas en vir ’n wyle in ander ’n mens se skoene plaas,” DIE BURGER

“Betty’s loss of family, friends and context is beyond heart wrenching. Her desires are deeply human. The audience rose to their feet in a standing ovation for Meiring and Mahomed. This is drama which manages to transport audiences to a different reality.“ DIE BURGER ( TRANSLATED )  

“Meiring masterfully scores this one woman show with highly nuanced gestures of distractedness to reveal a character whose mind is never at rest. The frantic female energy she evokes affords this character a real strength that keeps the audience captivated.“ Artslink

“First real stroke of genius is Ismail Mohamed’s text.” ARTSLINK 

 This production is supported by the SOF & NAF.


Past Performances

Suidoosterfees  - Januarie 2014

Woordfees 2014 - March 2014 

Baxter Theatre 22 April - 3 May 2014 

NAF Grahamstown 11-12 July 2014 

Centurion Teater - Pretoria  24 - 26 July 2014 


Clover Aardklop Arts Festival - 7-11 October 2014 


Wits Solo Festival - 17-18 October 2014




Cheaper Than Roses

Cheaper Than Roses

Cheaper Than Roses


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